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About Us

TifeexpressNG is a Nigerian-founded Logistics company, providing courier, package delivery and express mail service to over 220 countries across the globe. Delivering over 1 million parcels per year, TifeexpressNG is one of the market leaders for parcel delivering in Africa.

TifeexpressNG was founded in 2020 with a mission to to give a positive and trustworthy experience to our clients, offer outstanding value in the market, set the benchmark for professionalism in our logistics solutions, and provide a safe and secure work environment for our workers. We have a team of experts in various fields who work together to bring cutting-edge products and services to market. Our focus on quality and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted name in the Logistics industry.

Our Vision:

We envision a world without borders where things flow effortlessly to connect people, businesses, and communities worldwide. We provide vital support to our clients by helping them establish and maximise a sustainable competitive edge. Delivering items quickly, effectively, and safely achieves this.

Our Core Values:

Safety first: We prioritise the safety of our team, clients, and cargo above all else.

Reliability: All activities prioritise consistency and dependability. We keep our customers' trust by shipping goods worldwide quickly and securely.

Team empowerment: Team members are our greatest asset. We give them a supportive environment, advancement opportunities, and ongoing training to remain ahead of industry trends.

 Innovation: We leverage on technology and new methods to optimise processes, boost productivity, and create logistics industry-leading solutions.

Learning: We will never stop learning in order to better serve our consumers and stay ahead of our competitors.

Winning with customers: A win for our customer is also a win for us, so we do everything we can to deliver the most competitive price with the best service among our direct and indirect competitors.

Our Services:

1.Transportation Services

Shipping: TifeexpressNG arrange the movement of goods via various modes of transportation, including trucks, ships, airplanes, and trains. We coordinate the pick up and delivery of cargo to and from ports, airports, warehouses and distribution centers.

2.Freight Fowarding

1.International Freight : We specialise in shipping goods across international borders, managing customs documentation and ensuring compliance with international regulations.

2.Domestic Freight Forwarding: We facilitate the movement of shipments within Nigeria both inter-states and intra-state coordinating transportation and providing necessary documentation.

3.Warehousing and Storage: With our warehousing and storage facilities we can temporarily store goods before and after transportation.

4.Customs clearance: We help clients navigate customs proesses and regulations when shipping goods across international borders. We also assist with customs documentation and ensure compliance with import and export requirements.

5.Logistics and Supply chain management: We offer comprehensive logistics services, helping clients optimise their supply chains operations, this include: route planning, inventory management and forecasting.

6.Packaging and Labelling: We offer proper packaging and labelling of goods before shipping for safe and efficient transport of goods.

7.Tracking and tracing: We provide tracking and tracing systems that allow clients to monitor the status and location of their shipments in real-time.

8.Specialised Services: We also specialise in handling specific types of cargo, such as perishable goods, hazardous materials, oversized or heavy items, and high-value items. We have the expertise and equipment needed for these specialised shipments.

9.Consulting and Advisory Services: We offer consulting services to help clients optimise their logistics and supply chain processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

10.Last-Mile Delivery: Some cargo companies provide last-mile delivery services, which involve delivering goods directly to the end consumer's doorstep. This is common in e-commerce and urban logistics.

11.Reverse Logistics: TifeexpressNG also handles the return of goods, recycling, or disposal of products, and manage the reverse flow of goods in the supply chain.

Our Team

TifeexpressNG is powered by a talented and dedicated team of professionals. Our team members bring a diverse set of skills and experiences to the table, allowing us to tackle complex logistics challenges and deliver logistics solutions that truly make a difference.